Pet Companions Pooches
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Jengha Fu, Joshua, Magellan Emma Coconut Zen Toby Gunther Dobby Felix, Paul, Toby Jack and Mitch Bandit and Moxie Chyna Daisy Joey Moses Moxie Remy Vince Bailey Betsy Paul and Joey Brewster Cha Cha Cosmo Dakota Delli Murphy Reggie Duncan Dylan Harvey Indiana Jasper, Dakota, Ally Joshua and Mandy Joy Lady Lizzie Dylan and Dusty Molly Paul and Conway Rachael and Leah Ruby Tuesday Rusty Teddy Worf Buddy Jack Leo Mitch Torin Zoey Curtis Brisby, Phinny, Sydney Bo Monty and Curtis Gretchen Brisby Aster Biggie Slash and Axl Boomer Blizzer Yuriy Brian Smokey Elsie and Yuriy Jengha Fu Hogan Blitzie and Blue Jack Domino Phinny, Argus, Hunter Jesse and Sasha Sammy Felix Rudy Ally Magellan Conway Jack Belle Bessie Fred Elsie Flieder Guiness Hunter Mojo Mojo Sander Titus Tucker Vincent Wylie 5 Vizslas Jack Hector Alice Vesta Max Phinny Blu Myrtle and Rags Andy Joshua Tommy Joey Max Webster Oscar and Meyer Riley Jack Cody Louie Sydney Nikko Byron Crick Herman Rogie Guiness 4 Beagles Sunny Dante Monk and Jiggs Max Oakley Toby Natasha Nuna Lucy Dobie Elimu Coco and Bubba Elmo Rock Mandy Caesar Rosie Dylan & Boomer Oakley Foley Jake & Oakley Fifi Cinnamon Java Kabuki Dusty Charlie Matthias Sophia Patches Ruby Annie Barclay Argus Gaia Jesse and Blue Duke Bastien Baxter Ruby Tuesday and Hogan