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India is a place where the differences between human beings are
elaborated in minute detail. Below is a partial listing of discounts
available to categories of travelers on India's railways:
Article Clerk [ARTCLK (50%)]
Artist Lower Class [ARTISF (75%)]
Artist Upper Class [ARTIUF (50%)]
Award 50% [AWD50 (50%)]
Award 75% [AWD75 (75%)]
Award 100% [AWD100 (100%)]
Bharat Scouts/Guides [BSGUDF (50%)]
Bharat Seva Dal [BSDALF (25%)]
Blind Concession [BLIND (75%)]
Cancer Patient (For 3A, SL, CC class) [CANCER (75%)]
Cancer Patient Escort (For 3A, SL, CC class) [CNESC (75%)]
Cancer Patient (For 1A, 2A class) [CANCER (50%)]
Cancer Patient Escort (For 1A, 2A class) [CNESCU (50%)]
Doctor [DOCTOR (10%)]
Public Exam (6-12yrs) [PUBEXA (50%)]
Circus Artist Lower Class ->[CIRCLF (75%)]
Circus Artist Upper Class [CIRCUF (50%)]
Civil International [CVINTF (25%)]
Deaf and Dumb [DFDM (50%)]
Deaf and Dumb Escort [50%]
Handicap Lower Class [HNDCAP (75%)]
Handicap 1AC 2AC [HNDCUP (50%)]
Heart Patient (for 3A, SL, 2S class)[HEART (75%)]
Heart Patient Escort (for 3A, SL, 2S class)[HRTESC (75%)]
Heart Patient (for 1A, 2A class)[HEARTU (50%)]
Heart Patient Escort (for 1A, 2A class)[HRTESU (50%)]
Heamophilia Patient (for 3A, CC, SL, 2S)[75%]
Heamophilia Patient Escort (for 3A, CC, SL, 2S)[75%]
IAFT 1709 Form D [I1709A (40%)]
IAFT 1720 Lower Class [I1720L (50%)]
IAFT 1720 Upper Class [I1720U (50%)]
Industrial Worker [WORKER (25%)]
Kidney Patients (for 3A, SL, 2S Class) [KIDNEY (75%)]

Kidney Patient Escort (for 3A, SL, 2S Class) [KIESC (75%)]
Kidney Patients (for 1A, 2A Class) [KIDNEU (50%)]
Kidney Patients Escort (for 1A, 2A Class) [KIESCU (50%)]
Kisan Concession [KISANF (25%)]
Leprosy Patient [LPROSY (75%)]
Mental Patient [MNTLPT (75%)]
Nurse [NURSE (25%)]
Polo Team [POLO (50%)]
Proffessional Artist lower class [PARTLF (75%)]
Proffessional Artist Upper class [PARTUF (50%)]
PTO Common Wealth Country [PTOFOR (50%)]
PTO Indian Railway [PTORDR (66.6%)]
Public Examination [PUBESC (50%)]
Research Scholar [SEARCH (50%)]
Scout Concession [SCOUT (50%)]
Senior Citizen [SRCTZN (30%)]
Service Civil Inter [SCINTL (25%)]
Sports Lower class [SPORT (75%)]
Sports Inter N Level FC [SPORTI (75%)]
Sports National Level FC [SPORTN (50%)]
ST JOHN'S Ambulance [STJONF (25%)]
Student Concession [STDNT (50%)]
Student SC/ST [STDSPS (75%)]
TB Patient [TBPAT (75%)]
Teacher [TEACHR (25%)]
Thalassemia Patient (for 3A, SL, 2S class)[TLSMIA (75%)]
Thalassemia Patient Escort (for 3A, SL, 2S class)[THLESC (75%)]
Thalassemia Patient (for 1A, 2A class)[TLSMIU (50%)]
Thalassemia Patient Escort (for 1A, 2A class)[THLESU (50%)]
War Widow [WIDOW (75%)]
Youth Concession [YOUTH (25%)]
Unemployed Youth for Interview (2S) [100%]